To blend into endless freedom of nature , liberal local flavor and sincere affection of coastal residents are the inspirations that Pax Ana Doc Let Resort & Spa brings to visitors.

The beachfront resort surrounding by garden and a wide range of activities to all guests is located in Doc Let Beach, which is known as the new paradise beach with white sand, crystal blue water, and amazing sunshine, ranked as 1 of the 10 most beautiful beach in Vietnam by TripAdvisor.

The resort is located on a land area of ​​12 hectares. The beach is flat and stretching from the shore, 600m wide, the water edge is in the shape of a gentle crescent moon with undulating waves. Inside the shore, there is a brilliant scene that embraces 81 traditional tile-roofed bungalows and semi bungalow – hotel rooms emulating the Vietnamese architectural style.

The romantic beauty of nature, beach and tropical garden with cheerfulness, openness, full of vitality with warm colors of this place seduce travelers and explorers because the wild beauty goes hand in hand with comfort and modernity. Pax Ana Doc Let Resort & Spa is a “new breeze” for the bustling life of fishing area

Services and Facilities

Beach & pools

  • A 1.5 miles (2.5-kilometer) long stretching of the coastal along the white sand, warm blue sea
  • A swimming pools 98 feet (30 meters) wide and 58 feet (18 meters) long
  • Covered Picnic area with beach chair, beach services

General facilities

  • Meet and greet airport arrival assistance
  • Dining experiences and bars
  • Natural wellness spa treatment
  • Laundry service

Resort activities

  • Picnic & Camping
  • Bonfire
  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Beach volleyball


  • Kid activities available
  • Services 24/24

Step into the peaceful space of Pax Ana Doc Let Resort & Spa and enjoy the services of camping, fishing or surfing, cycling… on the beautiful beach.


It is 80km from Cam Ranh International Airport (CRX) with a duration of 60 minutes to drive. From Nha Trang, follow National Highway 1A to the north, 45 km. Through Ninh Hoa town, about 5-7 km, there is a right turn towards the sea, about another 10km. Doc Let has long been known for its immense sand dunes. When you are on top, experience using the leaf sheath of the areca palm to slide down. Climbing on the sand cliffs full of poplar leaves, you will feel the “deepness” of the famous poetic and attractive Doc Let name. This place always has its own charm with the fresh sea, mild weather all year round, a warm winter, and a cool summer.

The wild features are still there, but now Doc Let leaves the footprints of visitors returning to the sea, bustling with many extremely interesting recreational and entertainment activities. Nearby is the Hon Heo Peninsula, with luxuriant trees, scattered rocks, and many massive and deep underground caves. Here, there are many long-standing traditional occupations such as making rattan chairs, weaving cloth, weaving mats, cooking sugar, making bricks and tiles, etc., and salt fields that have become their own identity, imprinted in the minds of visitors from all over the world.