These below articles are to assure your safety and abide to the local rules and regulation, so that it is imperative that you understand of the following notices:

1. Please ensure that you show valid identification at Front Desk:
– Foreign guests are required to present their passports with a valid entry visa.
– Domestic guests are required to show valid ID cards or another legal document(s) for identification purposes.
2. Check-in time is 14:00. Check-out time is 12:00 at noon. Early check-in and late check-out should be arranged with the resort’s representative in advance and an additional charge is required (if any).
3. To receive your relatives, please contact the Reception to arrange a place for a meeting.
4. Children must be accompanied by parents/legal guardians in the public areas.
5. Please make sure lights are off, and doors/windows are closed. Please use the double lock while guests are inside the rooms
6. Our resort enforces a stringent policy prohibiting cooking, smoking, and bringing processed or raw food to eat in our guest rooms and within the resort. Kindly be aware that failure to comply with this policy will result in a corresponding fee.
7. Drying clothes on the balcony is strictly not allowed.
8. No weapons, poisons, or explosives shall be permitted in the villas or premises at any time.
9. Gambling, prostitution, and drugs are strictly prohibited, and guests will be prosecuted if caught.
10. Pets and animals are strictly prohibited in the resort.
11. The use of cooking, or heating equipment is strictly prohibited in the hotel due to fire risk. No cooking in the room.
12. Please be respectful of other hotel guests and avoid singing, singing karaoke, shouting, or creating other disturbances. Management reserves the right to limit or stop such activities if they are deemed to be inconvenient to other guests.
13. No smoking is allowed upon the bed or within the room.
14. Do not change or move the furniture and equipment from one place to another. They with being liable to indemnify the hotel at current prices for any losses or damages caused.
15. Guest must store their valuable property and jewelry in the safety box or register at Front Desk. The hotel will not be responsible for any damage or loss of any property in cases you are not following these rules and regulations.
16. Don’t pick any flowers, fruit or disfigure the scenic landscapes within the resort.
17. Before leaving the hotel, the guest is kindly requested to settle all bills and return keys to our Front Desk. Any lost and damaged
key will be charged accordingly.
18. Without prior permission from the resort’s management, do not operate drones at resort.